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January 17, 2023

The Magic Of Having A Live Band

You’re on the dance floor at your wedding. All of your favourite people are around you. You’re singing into your glass of champagne that has become your personal microphone for the night and your arm is around your new spouse. Everyone is up from their seats dancing and singing along to the music that’s filling the room. A live band is performing. The guitar player starts the riff to “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner. You and all of your friends go wild. The energy coming from the stage is felt throughout the dance floor. This will definitely be a night to remember.

Now, imagine this same scenario, but with an iPhone plugged into some speakers.

Alright, so we MAY be biased on this topic, but we know almost anyone would agree that having a live band is way more fun than the plug in and play ordeal. Music is the key ingredient to a great event. Whether you’re listening to a classic hit or a top 40 tune, having a live band perform those songs is a much more stimulating and energetic experience all around.

There’s always something so magical about live music at an event or wedding. A live band can read the energy of a room and completely transform the aura of a wedding. For us, we love what we do and will make sure you and your guests have the night of your lives. We can make your first dance completely unique and special and then get everyone up on the dance floor. Not to mention, we’re a group of professional musicians with contagious energy. We are also there to help you curate your own personal playlist for your special day with a variety of genres to get all your guests grooving.

The best thing about hiring us for your event or wedding is that we take care of EVERYTHING! We handle our own equipment and setting up the stage area.

Photos by Barney Walters

Think about some of the events and weddings you have attended in your life. Was a live band playing? If so, do you feel like a live band made the event more memorable? If you agree that the night was a blast because of live music, then hiring a band for your own event to provide that experience for your guests is a must!

Where to begin with Blue Lion Band! The moment I got engaged I knew straight away which band I was going to book at our wedding. After hearing them at my sister in law’s wedding it was clear that there was no other band! Thank you to you all, I honestly can’t thank you enough. I had so many compliments on the music, the talent, I especially want to say a big thank you for taking a last minute request for Spice Girls – we had a lot of happy guests due to this! We NEVER had an empty dance floor when the band played, the vibe was great, music was fantastic, I can’t sing Blue Lion’s praises enough!

Rachel H.
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